India’s First city-wide Integrated Sewage Infrastructure Development of Sewage Treatment Plant and Associated Infrastructure under Hybrid Annuity based Public-Private Partnership mode at Mathura in the state of Uttar Pradesh

About Us

  • First ever integrated PPP project under HAM in the sewerage section in the country
  •  Involves IOCL as strategic partner for reuse of treated sewage water.
  •  20MLD of treated sewage water to be supplied to IOCL
  •  Total project cost is Rs 437.95 crores.
  •  Cost of development of TTP is Rs. 162.37 crores
  •  Capital cost of development of TTP to be borne by NMCG and IOCL will bear O&M cost
  •  One of the fastest successful PPP bid process
  • Evoked unprecedented bidder interest, far more than most design-build-operate transfer(DBOT) projects with participation from large business agglomerates.
  •  Triveni Engineering & Industries limited is the selected concessionaire for Mathura.
  • Development / rehabilitation of STPs with a cumulative treatment capacity of 67 MLD
  1. Development of a 30 MLD capacity STP at Masani
  2. Rehabilitation of 6.8 MLD WSP STP at Masani
  3. Rehabilitation of 14.5 MLD capacity WSP STP at Trans Yamuna
  4. Rehabilitation of 16 MLD capacity UASB STP at Trans Yamuna
  • Development of a 20 MLD tertiary treatment plan at Trans Yamuna for supply of treated sewage water to IOCL refinery
  •  Rehabilitation of pumping stations and associated infrastructure with the STPs
  •  I&D work of total 20 numbers, and pipeline work of 17 kilometers
  •  Operation and maintenance of the facilities for a period of 15 years.